Dig EP

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My Favourite Samples by Danny

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There was a time when Hip-Hop and I didn’t get on. In fact, I actively disliked the genre. This immature whimsy was loosely based on the premise that a rapper or producer must be devoid of any creativity – they are openly using another artist’s song, merely speaking/singing on top of it. Where is the craft of songwriting? It’s lazy, isn’t it? The short answer is “no”. If I continued this deluded analogy, then artists like Aretha Franklin and Frank…

The Village – August 2010

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Funk Epidemic

Meeting House Square 19/08/2010

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A Little Soul
Let\’s Stay Together (Al Green)
Black Capricorn Day (Jamiroquai)
The Thought Of You
Jungle Boogie (Kool And The Gang)

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

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Enough has been written about this masterpiece, and yet it is strangely absent from the general public’s consciousness. Most will recall the title track from this album being crassly reproduced by Bono and several other self-righteous egoists as a charity Christmas single several years ago. They even introduced a rap verse at the obligatory point – 2/3rd’s of the way through the song, in an attempt to make it more commercial. Nothing short…

A Musical Journey – Danny’s Top 9 Influential Albums

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Its not a list of my favourite albums, more a list of the albums that affected me the most at particular turning points in my life, which is slightly more interesting i think.

The Mob at Knockanstockan

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Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder
I Feel Good by James Brown
Hang Up Your Hangups (Herbie Hancock), A Little Soul

Mob Interview – Maynooth Kairos Radio Special

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Edited by Kristina Peacocke
Mob Radio Interview – Part 1
Mob Radio Interview – Part 2
Mob Radio Interview – Part 3
Mob Radio Interview – Part 4

The People They Will Dance

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The People They Will Dance

Rock You Baby

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Rock You Baby